Frigg Entry Specification

  • Gas shall be commercially free from objectionable odours and from materials and dust or other solid or fluid matter, waxes, gums and gum forming constituents which might cause injury to, or interference with, the proper operation of the lines, meters, regulators or other appliances or facilities through which it flows.
  • No chemicals or other substances may be introduced by any means into the Gas, which might be carried over into the transportation system without the prior agreement of NSMP.
  • Shipper Gas must be capable of being processed to meet National Grid redelivery specification on Wobbe Index, Incomplete Combustion Factor, and Soot Index.
  • The above specification may be subject to change in the future as a result of different requirements from regulators, or governmental authorities, not within the control of NSMP.
  • The gas will be redelivered from the St Fergus Gas Terminal to the National Grid Terminal for entry into the National Transmission System (NTS) in a condition to meet the NTS Specification, with the CO2 content in accordance with the specification applicable to the Frigg UK Terminal (currently 4% mol). Depending on the CO2 content of a new entrant FUKA may be able to facilitate a CO2 blending service.