NSMP Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Acorn CCS Project

NSMP has signed an MoU with the Acorn CCS (carbon capture and storage) Project to have carbon emissions from our St Fergus Gas Terminal captured and stored by the Acorn project.

The Acorn CCS and Hydrogen Project is one of the most mature UK CCS and hydrogen projects currently being developed in the UK, and NSMP looks forward to working with the Acorn partners (Storegga, Harbour Energy and Shell U.K.) to capture the carbon emissions from the NSMP and neighbouring SEGAL St Fergus gas terminals to be stored safely and permanently in rock formations beneath the seabed.

Andy Heppel, CEO of North Sea Midstream Partners, said “We are very pleased to have signed this MoU with the Acorn Project as part of our support for the North Sea Transition Deal and our objective to play a leading role in the Energy Transition and the journey to Net Zero.”